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Nesan is a spare parts production facility established in Izmir in 1980 to serve the automotive industry. Nesan first stepped into the sector by manufacturing ignition switches for tractors and has attracted the attention of well-known OEM companies with to the competitive price and high quality created in the sector over time... Cont.


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e-katalogNesan Otomotiv, 1980 yılında İzmir’de otomotiv sektörüne hizmet etmek amacıyla kurulmuş bir yedek parça üretim tesisidir. İlk olarak traktörlere kontak anahtarı üreterek sektöre adım atan Nesan, zaman içinde sektörde...

Nesan Otomotiv A.Ş.

Nesan Otomotiv A.Ş.

By Nesan Otomotiv
IATF audit

IATF audit

By Nesan Otomotiv



Nesan Automotive offers turnkey solutions from the design to the production process for the automotive industry in three different lanes including mechanical, electromechanical and electronic products with its expert staff.


Toolshop, Plastic Injection, Metal Injection, CNC Machining, Cold Forming, Electronical Assembly and Soldering, Assembly Lines


Climatic Chamber test (-50 / 200 °C), Random vibration test, Salt test, Compression tensile test, 3D measurement test, Profile projection test, Surface hardness and roughness test, Part-specific life cycle test devices, High voltage strength test, Blasting pressure test, Voltage drop test, Sealing tester



To be a company that offers valuable solutions to OE customers located in the domestic market and worldwide, to adapt rapidly to technological developments, to steer changes, to keeps employee satisfaction at the highest level, to be preferred in the industry and to be a pioneer and to work on the quality basis.