Nesan Otomotiv


Nesan is an automotive parts production and assembly plant established in Izmir in 1980. Manufacturing ignition switches for tractors was the first step to the industry and this has attracted the attention of well-known OEM companies together with competitive price and high quality. The product portfolio extended continuously over time with customer oriented approach and the plant was moved to Menderes district.

With the substructure consisting of plastic and metal injection, cold forming, welding, tooling, machining and assembly, Menderes plant has the capability to manufacture almost all of the semi-products in-house. Nesan has increased product diversity with design studies and reverse engineering methodologies and become one of the leading companies in the automotive industry with its wide product range.

Various types of products such as ignition switches, headlight and signal switches, starter relays, oil, warning, pressure, vacuum, temperature switches, fuel tanks and components, fuel and AdBlue level sensors, master switches, door handles and door locks manufactured and presented to OEM customers worldwide. Furthermore, Nesan is the first company in Turkey to provide a "Single Key Project" by manufacturing all lockable parts of heavy and light commercial vehicles as a set in-house with a single encrypted key.

Certifications that can be shown as evidence of developing technology, quality systems and effective production of companies have recently played an important role in improving the production conditions of companies in last decades. ISO 9001: 2000, IATF 16949 : 2016 and ISO 14001: 2005, Ford Q1 quality and environment documents are successfully implemented and provided Nesan to become a global company. Capability of designing own products carried Nesan to become as the 27th Design Centre of Turkey in April, 2017.

Since its establishment, Nesan has been following technological developments closely and producing without sacrificing its quality targets. With its experienced technical staff, Nesan always keeps customer satisfaction at the top of importance and continues to serve to all domestic and foreign customers with an understanding that shows continuous improvement.