Nesan Otomotiv offers turnkey solutions including 3 different groups, mechanical, electromechanical and electronic products in the automotive sector, including validation tests from design to production process. In addition to its own 3D CAD software, it also provides advanced engineering services with its FEA, CEA and flows and in-mould flow CFD analyzes. In recent years, developed with a competent engineering team and commercialized product groups of the RF and immobilizer module, Pressure Sensors, Urea (DEF) level and Quality sensors, serves a wide range of products.
Plastic Injection
Metal Injection
CNC Machining
Assembly Lines
Thermal Chamber
Thermal Shock (Aging) Chember
Thermal Chember with Humidity effect
Random Vibration
Sinusoidal  Vibration
Mechanical Shock
Natural Salt Spray Test
IP Degree
Customized Test benches
Tensile  (Pull & Push ) Tester
3D measurment
Profile Projector
Surface roughness & hardness
High voltage endurance tests
Burst Tests
Voltage Drop
Leakage Tests
Flow Tests
Tank Filling Test