Nesan Otomotiv


Nesan is a manufacturing and R&D facility established in 1980 in order to serve the automotive sector. Nesan, having made a step into the sector primarily manufacturing ignition switches for vehicles of the agricultural sector as result of a successful R&D process, drew the attention of important and huge OEM companies owing to its competitive prices and high quality created within the time. Customized base approach and having expanded its product portfolio within time, the company moved to the District Menderes, where company’s modern and integrated facility of totally 15.000m2 including a confined area of 7.500 m2 is located and where the company continues its manufacture.

This new facility with its structure consisting of a R&D office, laboratories, prototype workshop, tooling&molding section, plastic and metal injection, machining, cold forming, electronic stringing lines, welding section and assembling lines is capable to R&D, design and manufacture its products included in its portfolio as result of a successful R&D process by means of its designing and reverse engineering studies in company’s own facility. Nesan, increasing its product range day by day, is today’s one of the most leading companies of its sector.

Many electronical products incl. fuel and DEF level sensors, remote controllers and immobilizer systems; electromagnetic products i.e. ignition, signal and horn switches, starter relays, battery cut off switches and mechanical products i.e. fuel and DEF tank caps, filler necks and filters, door handles and locking systems are manufactured in the facility as result of a successful R&D process. These products are provided to many OEM customers both domestic and foreign countries by means of high quality and reasonable price policy. Further manufactures Nesan as all lockable parts of heavy and light commercial vehicles with uniform encoded single key as a complete set which leads the way in Turkey under the caption of “Single Key Project” as result of a successful R&D process.

Quality is an essential factor for Nesan. Besides possessing certificates i.e. ISO 9001:2000, IATF 16949:2002 and ISO 14001:2005, which are requirements of the automotive sector, the company possesses the Q1 certificate unique to the company Ford. In addition to these, processes are VDA 6.3 audits performed by many domestic and foreign customers.

Nesan, keeping tabs on technological developments and manufacturing as result of a successful R&D process without making any compromises in respect of its quality targets since its establishments, keeps by means of its experiences technical staff the customer satisfaction always at first place in respect of top level and continuous to serve all its domestic and foreign customers with an understanding of continuous improvement. Such improvements are realized by means of its strong R&D included in its own structure. The company has been crowned for these valuable studies in 2018 with its title as Turkey’s 27th Design Center.