Our Mission

Employing a competitive approach that works on the principle of customer satisfaction and creates difference

- Understanding the industry needs well and fulfilling the market requirements correctly,

- Being familiar with customer demands, defining and aiming their highest satisfaction,

- Having creative manpower and using leading technology in this target,

- Leading the industry in terms of production, shipment, and quality,

- Being a company aiming to be a solution partner for OE customers in the automotive industry in every sense.

Our Vision

To be a company that offers valuable solutions to OE customers located in the domestic and worldwide markets , to adapt technological developments rapidly, to steer changes, to keep employee satisfaction at the highest level, to be preferred in the industry, to be the pioneer and to work on the quality basis.

Our Quality Policy

Our aim is to meet customer expectations; To establish, implement and continuously develop management systems by using our past knowledge and experience in order to meet the quality and price in the requested quantity and time.


To achieve the targeted goal in line with the quality policy;

  • Analyzing the results of all improvement studies and placing them permanently in the system,
  • Ensuring continuity of continuous improvement process with our suppliers
  • Developing awareness and disseminating quality awareness by meeting the continuous training needs of all employees in line with the company's goals, objectives and personal development,
  • Ensuring active participation of all employees in all stages of production and continuous monitoring and improvement of employee satisfaction,
  • In order to protect environmental values; to increase the environmental awareness of all employees in order to minimize the consumption of natural resources and raw material consumption.
  • To comply with the requirements of the quality management system to ensure customer satisfaction and to improve its effectiveness continuously,
  • By adapting to changing competitive conditions, to develop and offer the most beneficial products and services to customers, and to direct their preferences to our company,
  • Occupational health and safety issues in accordance with the legal regulations, while providing a healthy and safe work environment, the continuous improvement of the work environment will be possible.